Botox May Cure Baldness, Doctor Says

Balding men may be offered a cure for their thinning heads — injections of Botox.

The toxic chemicals are generally used to smooth out wrinkles, but doctors have discovered it can regrow hair too.

The treatment was discovered by accident — Dr. Simon Ourian in Beverly Hills, Calif., was trying to cure his mother’s headaches. Botox is used off-label to treat migraines, and Ourian’s mother, a cancer victim, was going through chemotherapy.

After injecting Botox into her scalp, Ourian was stunned to see his mother’s hair regrow. Botox dilates the blood vessels, which allows nutrients into the hair shaft and stimulates new growth.

Ourian tested his theory on volunteers for three years, and although the treatment needs repeated injections, he has a "dramatic" difference.

"I was happily surprised," Ourian said. "As hair loss is a significant source of insecurity, there was no shortage of volunteers."

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