Bombs Away

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Bombs Away

Documents — just declassified from 1994 — reveal that the Pentagon (search) considered developing an aphrodisiac chemical weapon.

According to the magazine, New Scientist, the weapon — also known as a "sex bomb" — would have made enemy soldiers irresistible to each other on the battle field.

The idea was to find a chemical that was not lethal, but devastating to the morale of enemy troops.

Job Search Advice

Speaking of dumb ideas, middle school students and teachers from Palo Alto, California, were shocked by some career day advice.

William Fried, head of a management consulting firm, told 8th grade students that they could earn big money as exotic dancers — especially if they have the physical tools for the job.

The school's principal says from now on they will screen the speaker's material before the event.

Letters of apology have already been sent to parents and students.