Bolton Is Boltin' the U.N.

So, Bolton is boltin' the U.N. -- very, very sad.

John Bolton — a good man, a principled man, a dedicated man — is now a no-man in a body of no-names.

No-names who couldn't stand the heat, so they threw "him" out of the kitchen.

The Wall Street Journal summing it up best today, saying Bolton "offended America's enemies because he looked at their behavior and refused to excuse it."

I could see it winning him enemies there.

I'm just shocked to see it earning him more enemies here.

Democrats who wouldn't give him the dignity of a simple up-or-down vote, now have to search their souls up and down to find any dignity at all.

Only in this country can we punish a guy who stood up so strongly for the values of this country. Who pushed for isolating Iran and North Korea when a corrupt institution preferred embracing them.

And who called the U.N.Human Rights Council for the hypocritical oxymoron it was.

He was called a bull in a china shop.

Trust me, there's plenty of "bull" in this shop. And to my surprise, apparently well outside this shop. Protected on the inside by the money-grubbing, influence-peddling bureaucrats who feared reform and on the outside, by equally shallow U.S. politicians, who feared reform even more.

You know what, I'm actually glad John's leaving the U.N.

He was hanging out with a bad crowd.

And being judged, by an even worse crowd.

Be well, Ambassador, and know while bureaucrats have all but told you — screw you.

A very grateful nation offers only these two other words: thank you.

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