Bobble Babble

The latest from the Political Grapevine:

Dear Rupert
Several House Democrats have sent a letter to Rupert Murdoch, chairman of the parent company of Fox News Channel (search), demanding that the network, "abandon its role as a proxy for the Republican Party's communications office."

The letter, signed by Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, John Conyers of Michigan and Pete Stark of California, to name a few, says, "The responsibility of the media is to report the news in an unbiased, impartial, and objective manner. It seems clear that Fox News network has a deliberate bias ... [that] has the effect of improving the president's standing with the American people on the basis of not news, but disinformation."

Bobble Babble
Yet another poll shows no bounce for the Kerry-Edwards ticket after last week's Democratic convention. A new Marist College Poll shows that if elections were held today, 45 percent of Americans would vote for Kerry-Edwards, and 44 percent would vote for Bush-Cheney — the exact same numbers as a month ago. This even though the poll shows more Americans now say Kerry has a vision for the future and is ready to be president.

Meanwhile, seven minor league baseball parks across the country have held a "Bobble-election," with fans deciding whether they want a free President Bush bobblehead or a free John Kerry bobblehead. President Bush beat out Kerry by a margin of 52-to-48 percent.

What's more, in the hotly contested battleground state of Florida, a majority of Fort Myers Miracle fans chose President Bush. But in the battleground state of Minnesota, a majority of St. Paul Saints fans chose Kerry.

That’s the Ticket?
Speaking of President Bush (search), tickets to his event in Davenport, Iowa, today — just blocks away from John Kerry's own event — told Bush supporters to go to the River Center at 136 East 3rd Street. Problem is, that's the address of the Kerry’s (search) event, not President Bush's.

What's more, the Iowa office of Republican Congressman Jim Nussle, which distributed tickets to the event, says it realized the mistake even before it began giving them out, but, "we didn't have time to reprint the tickets." So it gave the erroneous ones out anyway.

No need to worry, though: Nussle's office insists "everybody who [had] gotten that ticket [had] been told" of the correct address.

Restrictions Reversed
One day after we told you the University of Colorado in Boulder was restricting white students from enrolling in the Friday section of its course "School and Society," the university has now announced that it will be lifting the restrictions altogether, concluding that, "restrict[ing] enrollment exclusively on the basis of race was in error and is against university policy."

But, according to the Washington Times, the school is still specifically encouraging "underrepresented" students and "students of diverse backgrounds" to enroll in the course.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report