Susan's column suggesting that, for Democrats, the key to winning the midterm elections is to appeal to moderate voters, struck a positive note with many readers.

Here is a sample of this week's mail:

Gary writes:

Nice article.I am a right wing type of person but I have preached this for a while: the democrats drove the working man and most others from red states to the republicans with their stances against the military, guns, abortion ,religion, mining and logging.

feel that as a white male I am not wanted in the Democratic party because I don't have the views of a California liberal or an east coast elitist. There is no room for joe sixpack in the Democratic party any more. But you are right. If the Democrats want to win again, they need to retake the middle and soften the rhetoric of the far left that rules the Democratic roost.

Nice article and rather well written. Keep up the good work.

Scott writes:

I read your article today on Foxnews.com. It was very well thought out and intelligent. As a former independent fiscal conservative who has gradually been pushed into the Republican Party-- by the extreme left who has, to my mind, taken over and ruined the Democratic party by driving out all the moderates and conservatives that I used to vote for-- I would love to see more moderate and conservative ideas and proposals coming from the Democrats again.

Unfortunately, there are very few of what are called "Blue Dog" Democrats, or conservative Democrats, left. Most have been driven out of the party or were defeated by party backed extreme liberals. Since I don't think the Democrats will ever do what you intelligently suggest, may I suggest that you come over to the Republican Party as a liberal or moderate Republican and help change this party to be more moderate, they at least listen.

Mike writes:

Finally, someone has captured exactly how I—a middle of the roader—feel. Your article about the route to the victory in the mid-terms being through the middle was very insightful...and very true.

I voted for Bush, but am very unhappy with where he is taking the nation. Unfortunately, the Democrats—at least the far left factions that seem to control the party—assume that my dissatisfaction with Bush equates to support for their far left agenda. It does not. I have no problem voting for a Democrat—if they can offer someone who has common sense, is in the middle on issues, and is not driven to extremes by special interest fringe groups.

I hope the Democrats get your message, but I'm guessing they won't. Activists have ruined both parties.

Brian writes:

I'm one of the "moderates" you speak of. I have many friends who are also moderate. I'm here to confirm your analysis. Moderates are thinkers who vote on the issues and candidates and not the party lines. You can't pull the wool over our eyes because we research every candidate and every statement. We don't take either candidates word for it. Since we don't just vote a party line, it's necessary to be more meticulous.