Blowin' Up the DaySide Set

Hey everyone! Happy Father's Day, before I forget...

I've had a busy week, for many reasons, not the least of which was my hosting gig at the Annual National Trust for Historic Preservation Gala down in D.C. on Tuesday evening. I want to thank the folks at the Trust, as well as their supporters, for a wonderful, lively evening. I met some great folks from Bank of America, so a special hello to them.

I'm a history buff, and as many of you know, an ardent hater of building demolitions. The total opposite of Mike "blow it to smithereens" Jerrick. I know, I know — sometimes it's necessary. But if walls could talk... I think many of us would prefer we preserve, rather than annihilate. Again, a hearty thank you.

Now to the attacks (always a highlight of my day, hee hee):

E-mail No. 1

Fox News is based in New York, but apparently the staff never bothers to read the New York newspapers to find out what's going in that state. As a poll showed Senator Hillary Clinton unbeatable right now in her bid for a second term in the U.S. Senate, FOX News' "Dayside" clowns on Wednesday (June 14, 2006) proclaimed that no one would vote for her.
Bill Woten
Fairfax, Iowa

I really resent being called a "clown." My pediatrician had pictures of clowns all over the place — and after years of getting shots, sticking my tongue out to say 'ahhhhh', etc., etc. while staring at those crazy clown drawings, I can safely say I do not like clowns. My apologies to Bozo, Ronald McDonald et al.

Seriously, I don't believe I ever said "no one will vote for Hillary Clinton." In fact, I believe the exact opposite. Get your facts straight before going on the attack, Bill.

Regarding Daryl Hannah, the actress who sat in a walnut tree for three weeks to protest the demolition of a vibrant urban farm in South Central LA:

E-mail No. 2

Missed the beginning of this segment but during what I did see, I didn't hear mention that the 'farmers' are illegal aliens. If Ms. Hannah feels so strongly about the 'farmers' right to 'farm', why doesn't she and fellow Hollywood millionaires purchase the land in question and allow the 'farmers' to continue 'farming'? Seems logical to me.

Maureen A. Davies
San Diego

E-mail No. 3

We watch FOX news every day. When Shepard Smith is on he says its time for THE G BLOCK. what does's G BLOCK mean ? Please reply if you can.
Thank you,
Bill Schafler
Bowling Green Kentucky

Each segment between commercials is given a designated block name, starting with "A" thru "G" — for the hour. Producers tend to schedule the lighter, entertainment-type fare towards the end of the hour, the G block. It's just a cool way of letting viewers 'in.'

The e-mail response to our Coke/Mentos segment really blew up! That Juliet, she's a witty one!

E-mail No. 4

Please remind me of the name of the candy that was used in the liter of Coke to create the super fizzzzzz.

Jerry Nichols
Lafayette, Indiana

It was Diet Coke and mint Mentos. Now would we see a different response if we used, say, regular Coke and fruit Mentos? I do not know. I was so mystified with the spouting cola/mint mess that I just totally forgot to test alternative combos. Please do try at home, but keep young children at least a few feet away. You can see the replay on our Web site.

And always a favorite subject, "Lion Man", otherwise known as Dave Salmoni from Animal Planet. His latest special "After the Attack" (check out our Web site replay for detailed info on the show) airs on Sunday, on Animal Planet, at 8 p.m. EDT. To promote the show, Dave brought some smaller versions of the animals featured in the special — a bear cub, a gator and a mountain lion. I have to thank our hair/makeup staff for their participation in this segment. As many of you know, at the top of our show, we usually create a stunt to promote something later in the show. Thursday's stunt was Dave sitting in the greenroom with his sidekick, a young mountain lion, who was being tended to by the hair and makeup ladies, Daniella, Donna, Sandy and Hilda. Although I was a little concerned we might freak the ladies out, they were totally game and we love 'em for it!

E-mail No. 5

Great choice, Juliet. You two look enough alike to be brother and sister, and seem otherwise simpatico.
An animal lover is always a good choice.
Best of luck to you both.
Nancy Hall
Clarendon Hills, IL

Thank you, Nancy — although the whole bro/sis thing is slightly creepy. Actually, it's not the first time someone's said that. Ick, hee hee.

We also had two Muslim women on yesterday for a segment about America accommodating Muslim women for their religious needs/demands. This was a sore spot for many of you:

E-mail No. 6

I am sick and tired of the demands of the Muslims. Should we make businesses find a separate spot for Methodists or Catholics or Lutherans? They want all the things they want but do they respect Christians or Jews for that matter? Do they stand up for us when our Christmas or Easter symbols are being attacked. Do they say we are entitled to the things that society is trying to take away from us.
Karin Moore Arnold


E-mail No. 7

Did I just hear that Muslim woman practically demand that Americans accept their beliefs as part of our "melting pot"? When are they going to accept the "American way" of doing things? I wouldn't go into a Muslim restaurant and request that they add pork to menu. Let's get real, I think as Americans we need to protect our beliefs and traditions just as fervently as they do. I think those women should be grateful to live in such a tolerant and free society!

Southern Utah

Finally, a few folks have wondered why I have had a few more days off than usual recently. Without going into personal details, I have had a little medical issue to deal with. Am wonderful, healthy, great, fine — but had to deal with it during work hours unfortunately.

Have a great weekend everyone.

See you Monday!


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