Blowhard With a Cause

I don't think you can jam 9/11 down peoples' throats enough.

I don't think you can show Ground Zero enough.

You can't be reminded about the lives lost and the fathers and mothers gone enough.

You can't be shaken back to the cold, cruel realities of terrorism enough.

Now some of you say, enough. But not me.

Some of you say that makes me a blowhard. Well, you're right. But I'm a blowhard with a cause.

Simply never to forget what happened that day. No matter how unpleasant it is.

You're partly right to say life must go on, just like after losing a loved one, we all have to carry on.

But we cannot carry on when we blithely choose to ignore that which is not pleasant.

Death and destruction. Terrorism and evil. Definitely not pleasant, but very, very real.

This blowhard is a student of history as well. And history tells me we forget history.

We forget the very real human nature tendency to turn insular when evil abounds, hoping that evil goes away.

It doesn't. It won't.

I don't say this simply as someone who's lost friends and guests on this very show to that horrible day.

I say this as someone who wants to make sure that we don't see another like it. Ever again.

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