Blow Out the Candles...

Dear Viewers,

Monday is a pretty chaotic day for us at "On The Record." I am catching an early flight to New York City to do a taped interview and then jumping back on a plane to D.C. for our regular live show at 10 p.m. I am not sure when the taped interview will be aired, but it is a bit of a disruption for everyone on our show since it has nothing to do with Monday night's show. It means we will all be scrambling to get the interview completed and doing our regular work for the show. What's the interview? That's a secret... I am going to wait until I see how it works out before I tell you! Cross your fingers, since I have been working on getting this interview for years (I am not kidding...years.)

Last week in the midst of all our live coverage of the farewell to President Reagan, we had to tape some new promos for the network. It had been scheduled for weeks to do it and we could not change the schedule. The promos are done on film — not video — and are a bit of a production. Each anchor had to find some time during the week to do this. I chose time right before our show. I turned the camera on the people shooting the promos and picture No. 1 is of them shooting me!

Picture No. 2 is a photo of the promo cameraman shooting me. You can see in the picture that I am trying to kill two birds with one stone — I am reading the trial transcript from the Peterson case as he is setting up his camera for the shot. Each day I get "daily copy" of the testimony from the Peterson case and it is a bit of a mad rush to read it in advance of our show. Luckily I have years of experience reading trial transcripts, so I am pretty fast at reading them. We buy these daily transcripts so that we can be sure to give you the best possible coverage of the trial. I much appreciate Fox spending this money — it is not cheap — and this is another demonstration of Fox's commitment to get you the best and most precise news. It is far better for me to read the actual testimony of the witnesses on the witness stand than to read wires of reporters summarizing the testimony. Sometimes in this business you have to rely on wires but, in this instance, we are going an extra mile.

I thought you should see these last two pictures hoping maybe I would get some sympathy from you. This is what I saw when I walked onto my set on Thursday night (we were preempted on Friday for the Reagan funeral.) The two guys in the picture are Bert and Garrett. I don't know if you can read what they plastered on my the next picture is a close up.

Here is the close up. Yes, I turned 50 on Friday. In some ways I "deserve" the teasing. I had been rather "brutal" to Garrett two years ago when he turned 30. A day or so after I started teasing him, it occurred to me that he would get "even" when I turned 50... so I began apologizing and apologized for two years. He kept refusing to accept my apology. Yes, my multiple apologies had no effect — he got "even." As for turning 50, it sure beats the alternative!!  (As an aside, the "lead up" to 50 is worse than turning 50. I don't feel any different now that I am 50. And, as a "present," a few news organizations that reported my birthday got it wrong and said I was 49. Needless to say, I am not going to correct them.)


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