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Dear Viewers,  

And why was Gloria Allred across the country — in Boston — sitting next to Shep and me last night on the set talking Amber?

I ran into Gloria the other day in Boston and I asked her. I wanted to take advantage of having her next to me on the set. Gloria has been involved in Democratic politics for years and has attended the party's conventions since 1976. If her client Amber had been called to the witness stand this week she would not have come to the convention but would have stayed behind to help her client.

Here are some more short notes about the night:

Susan Estrich had a “near-miss” problem last night. She arrived by cab at the Fleet Center only to realize that she had left her cell phone in the cab. If any of you have lost your cell phone, you understand. (The only thing worse is losing your Blackberry which is more aptly described as a “Crackberry” since we addicts get the shakes when we lose them).

We all took turns calling her phone hoping the cab driver would answer. He did not. Late in the evening an old friend of Susan's showed up with the phone. The cabbie had turned on her phone and deliberately recalled a local number recorded on her phone and reached her friend and then delivered the phone to the friend. What a nice guy!!

Our show also  had a “near miss”. Shep and I were to take over from Brit after the Edwards' speech concluded. Prior to the speech, we were both sitting in FOX's makeshift greenroom one floor up from our studio skybox talking to people and waiting. For some reason — good luck? — we both decided to go downstairs to the studio set before the Edwards speech started.

As it turned out, and unknown to us, the security put the Fleet Center in “lockdown” moments before the Edwards' speech began. This meant no one could even change floors. Had we not moved downstairs when we did, we would have had to phone in the show from one floor up.

To give you an idea of how unsure this business can be ... as I write this on Thursday morning, I have no idea whether I am doing the show from the Fleet Center tonight or the hotel roof. See you tonight ...

And a special thanks to Shep last night! Shep is one of my favorites and we “drafted” him to come do the show. We figured it would be a good surprise for our viewers. If we do the show out of the Fleet Center tonight, we will ask him again because we have plenty of chairs and he is always fun to work with ... if we are on the roof, it is back to solo.


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