Blindly Criticizing Immigration Law

A Rhode Island Democrat has introduced a new bill aiming to curb illegal immigration to his quaint state — it is a state, right?

Anyway the law is said to mimic the Arizona law, stating that if "reasonable suspicion exists" that a person is an illegal, then officers should verify. However, a person can't be stopped solely on suspicion of being illegal — like the Arizona law.

Now, if you watch "Red Eye," you know where this is going. First, critics will say the bill will lead to profiling, what with police inevitably distorting the law. Then Rhode Island will be called racist. But before you start, please note how many times we've had to explain the Arizona law.

My point: If you want to think the bill is racist, you're going to think it's racist, whether you read the bill or not. But my gut tells me this is all symbolic stuff designed to get our federal government to finally do something that makes sense.

But what doesn't make sense? Dipwads like President Calderon. He deserves a kick in his culo for misrepresenting American law — especially when his own country is a hot mess of murder, mayhem and donkey videos (I own three).

Anyway, those Congressmen who applauded his idiocy should get a cattle prod in their heinies. I volunteer to perform the procedure — I'll even waive the usual fee.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who likes red instead of black licorice.

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