A 74-year-old blind Attleboro woman was shocked when she got a letter from the city saying a lien would be placed on her home unless she pays an overdue water bill.

The amount? 1 cent.

Eileen Wilbur tells The Sun Chronicle of Attleboro the letter sent her blood pressure soaring, and pointed out that the stamp to send the letter cost 42 cents.

City Collector Debora Marcoccio says the letter was among 2,000 sent out. She says a computer automatically prints letters for accounts with an overdue balance, and they were not reviewed by staff before being mailed.

The letter warned of a lien and a $48 penalty if the bill is not paid by Dec. 10.

Marcoccio insists the bill be paid.

Wilbur's daughter, Rose Brederson, called the situation "ridiculous."