Blaming Others For Getting In Over Our Heads

Again, it all comes down to personal responsibility. When things turn bad we forget that. It's wise we remember that.

And remember this: No one makes us fat. We do. No one makes us sign mortgage papers. We sign them. Now when we get fat, some of us like to blame someone, anyone for making us fat. And when we get in over our head, some of us like to blame someone, anyone for getting us in over our head.

But it's our fat butts. And it's our sorry heads. We are free to eat what we want in this country. And we are free to suffer the consequences in this country. We are free not to look at the paperwork on a loan. And we are free to later discover we probably should have never signed that loan.

What troubles me is a lot of us would sooner look into a lawsuit than look in a mirror. We can force fast food to become fast salad. And cut rate lenders to be not so cut rate.

But let's first cut to the chase. And realize in a country where we're big enough to hit a buffet, we should be big enough to understand what happens after you hit that buffet.

Food for thought.

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