Blame it on the Snow

Let me see if I've got this straight; the president has gone from blaming George Bush for everything gone wrong, to Mother Nature? He says had it not been for those snow storms in February, we'd have had better jobs numbers in February.

Here's the thing: I agree.

Hard to hire construction folks when it's snowing like the dickens. And, turns out, we weren't and didn't. But the weather had nothing to do with 7,000 more federal government workers, did it?

That's a growth industry. It's a pity few others are.

The weather's a convenient excuse for this bigger inconvenient truth: We're losing jobs. Four million since you became president, Mr. President.

So, you can talk all you want about jobs created or saved. But listen to me and learn: Payrolls are down since you became president, and unemployment up since you became president. And 13 months now, you have been our president – our only president.

But my God, what is the statute of limitations on a mess? As if it weren't shameful enough to drag your predecessor into this, now you're ripping Mother Nature on this? Who's next – Moses?

And if you're blaming snow for bad numbers now, will you credit the sun for good numbers a year from now?

I'm being silly, but to make this serious point: Snow is one thing: A snow job is another. One's just flakes; you're just flakey.

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