Blagojevich Targets Emanuel in New Book

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Save Me a Seat

The disgraced former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich is set to cash in on the scandal that cost him his job. One week from Tuesday, Blago's memoir titled "The Governor" will hit book stores, and in it he makes some interesting accusations about White House Chief of Staff Rahm "Rahmbo Dead Fish" Emanuel.

According to Blago, before Emanuel accepted his job with the Obama administration, he asked the governor if it would be possible to appoint a "placeholder" to hold his seat in the House of Representatives until he wanted it back.

Blagojevich alleges that Emanuel only plans to serve as White House chief of staff for two years. He then hopes to return to Congress to seek the job of speaker of the House.

And I actually thought it couldn't get worse than Nancy Pelosi.

Dim Prospects

It's a bad day for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. The multimillionaire who spent over $38 million of his own money to launch himself to the governorship is finding that enduring support of his fellow New Jerseyans is a little harder to buy this time around.

The latest Quinnipiac University poll on the 2009 gubernatorial race shows Corzine trailing Republican candidate Chris Christie by 10 points, 37 to 47 percent.

It's OK, though. If all else fails, I'm sure Mr. Corzine can buy himself some other position.

Music Czar?

Have you ever tried to call your representative? If so, you've probably been put on hold. The leadership in Congress decides what music you will be listening to while you wait, and up until now, you probably have been enjoying lovely patriotic tunes.

That is until Nancy Pelosi had anything to say about it. Under the current Democratic leadership, patriotic music was replaced with smooth jazz elevator music.

Michigan Congressman Fred Upton could not stand for this. He wrote a letter to the House's chief administrative officer, who reports to Speaker Pelosi, reporting that, "Callers routinely express their delight in listening to a few notes of Americana... We should proudly embrace our nation's patriotic songs, not callously shun them for elevator music."

And guess what? In response to several calls from FOX News, a spokesman for the chief administrative officer said Tuesday, "The music has been changed during recess... in an amendment to offer offices a choice of hold music, but based on the negative response we received... it was changed back today."

Let this serve as a lesson to Democrats: Don't meddle with our patriotic music.

Client No. 9 Comeback?

We told you earlier about Blago's plans to rebound from a scandal. Well, he is not alone. The New York Post is reporting that client No. 9 — that's Eliot Spitzer — is plotting a comeback of his own.

The former governor of the great state of New York resigned from his post after details of his relationship with a high-priced prostitute came to light. But that's not stopping him from considering another run for public office. Exclusive sources told The New York Post, "Spitzer has held informal discussions in recent weeks about the possibility of making a bid for state comptroller or the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Kirsten Gillibrand."

Folks, I have officially heard it all.

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