Blackout Blame Game: Whose Fault Is It?

An Ohio utility at the center of the investigation into last week's widespread blackout (search) says its high-voltage line failures could not have triggered the event, claiming there were numerous unusual power swings elsewhere in the Midwest hours earlier.

The claim could not be confirmed late Sunday by independent sources. Engineers at another Midwestern utility reported no such unusual grid fluctuations, said an official at that company, who spoke only on condition of anonymity.

Officials at FirstEnergy Corp., the company whose power line problems have been cited as key in the blackout investigation, sought to go on the offensive Sunday, trying to deflect any potential blame for the cascade of power outages that struck Thursday from southern New England to Michigan.

Blackout blame game:  Whose fault is it?

A sample of your responses:

Utility companies are to blame for the outage. Electricity should be controled by small towns and not by large money hungry utility companies.  This would be similar to the water system that we have in place. Each town or city is responsible for its own utilities; whether it be electricity or water or sewer.
Elizabeth K.

The blame for the power failure; the likes of Hillary Clinton who supports the unreasonable position of the radical environmentalists, that is who are to blame.  This nation needs to explore EVERY POTENTIAL SOURCE for energy.  Drilling for oil on 1% of a barren, uninhabited, rock strewn, frozen, tundra-like land, that is not "pristine" as alleged by those "environuts", makes good sense!  This insanity, that would protect some nondescript little fish, at the cost of thousands of acres of productive farm land must stop!
Bob D.
Abingdon, MD

It would be helpful if the media and politicians would let the investigation by people who know come up with a definite cause for the recent blackout.  There are too many scenarios floating around and they amount to nothing more than politics.  Enough is enough!
Jane M.

Does ANYONE HAVE to be at fault? Can't it just be a faliure of components?  Can't a piece of equipment just wear out?? Nothing lasts forever!
Kelly E.
Hannibal, MO

If the people of this country spent more time fixing and less time blaming, we would be much better off.
Betsy L.
West Gardiner, ME

The ones who are to blame are Americans infected with the NIMBY (not in my backyard) virus.
Rick P.
North Fort Myers, FL

I put blame on the power companies. I live a couple miles from Newark, NJ and my light dimmed from 100watts to about 15watts for about 15 - 20 seconds. The people at my power company were not sleeping at the switch like the others. They saw a problem and quickly switched off the problem grid and turned to something else or a backup grid.

The tyrannical environmentalists should shoulder the most of the blame. They don't want nuclear power plants, and high voltage transmission lines are an anathema to them. They won't be happy until we're all living in caves.
David H.

Since Congress knew two years ago that it was a matter of "when?", not "if",  it seems they bear the major responsibility.  Ha! Fat chance.
Bud S.
Hackensack, NJ

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