Black Eye for CNN, Anderson Cooper and Google

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It was billed as the "CNN YouTube Debate," but I think we should call it the Google Debate" because that's who owns YouTube.

So my question is: Google doesn't Google? Am I supposed to believe that?

All anybody had to do was Google the gay general and wham — more hits than Googling "Zoey Zane."

So we're supposed to believe that old pro David Bohrman, the CNN vice president of elections and an old friend, didn't know he had a Clinton ringer in his basket of YouTube questions? Hard to believe. Especially since CNN bought him a ticket, flew him in, planted him in the section of live questioners and then handed him a microphone.

Oh and that isn't all, as Michelle Malkin has discovered, digging into the backgrounds of other questioners:

We had a supposed Republican who is online as a John Edwards supporter?

We also had a gay Republican who can be found online as an Obama supporter?

Come on. This is way beyond either coincidence or chance or credibility.

One has to assume that the CNN trap for Republican candidates in a national debate was to subject them to Democrats, 9/11 nuts, gays for Obama and "9/11 truthers."

And here's the math: The Google debate started with 5,000 YouTube questions. CNN narrowed it to 70 and then down to 40. They flew 20 questioners in and only two got a chance for a live on-air follow-up question — namely the gay general and somebody else.

That's a lot of narrowing down to just happen to end up with the gay general — who is on Hilllary Clinton's gay steering committee — to make it on the air for an extended live speech on national TV.

So why did the CNN-Google team do this? To embarrass the Republican candidates. This is why the GOP field should have refused this debate long ago and why I presume they will never ever do one again.

Fortunately, the biggest embarrassment was to CNN, Anderson Cooper and Google.

Let's hope the GOP elephants have long memories.

That's My Word.

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