A liberal organization sponsored by billionaire Democratic benefactor George Soros (search) geared up for the November elections Thursday with an attack on President Bush that compared the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist murders to Abu Ghraib (search) prisoner abuse.

Soros, a major supporter of Democratic candidate John Kerry (search) and a featured speaker at a three-day conference hosted by the Campaign for America's Future (search), told the audience that the U.S.-led War on Terror is worse than the Sept. 11 hijackings.

"The War on Terror, as conducted by this administration, has claimed more innocent victims than the original attack itself," he said.

Soros, who has given $7.8 million of his personal fortune to bankroll ad campaigns from anti-Bush groups like America Coming Together (search) and Moveon.org (search), wasn't alone at the event.

Former Democratic candidate Howard Dean launched an anti-Republican tirade reminiscent of Iowa Caucuses night last January.

While Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie criticized the Soros fury, independent candidate Ralph Nader (search) said both parties have brought the "country down to a level where most voters in this country do not have a choice."

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