Ads claim that FearDotCom is the last web site you'll ever visit. It could also turn you off to horror slasher movies forever according to most reviews.

Stephen Dorff who stars in this movie should have known better after the dot com balloon exploded. Hit delete. And guess what? This is the only new movie this weekend. Hollywood finally ran out of product. Actually these are the dog days.

So my suggestion? The overlooked Simone has one of Al Pacino's best performances ever. Less "hoo-HA!" and more "hoo-boy." And now that we know the real Simone is Rachel Roberts and not some cyber babe, it's cool to watch the credits and know something they don't tell you.

I'm still a huge fan of Robert Evan's The Kid Stays in the Picture and it will still be on my top ten list.

Finally, still haven't seen Road to Perdition? Shame on you. It's going to win a bunch of Oscars.