Bill Clinton's Outstanding Bills

And now the most revealing two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

The Palestinian Mafia?
American experts working with Israeli forces searching the Church of the Nativity compound over the weekend found roughly 40 explosive booby traps ready to go off. The Sunday Times of Australia said a Palestinian spokesman reacted to the discovery of the booby traps by accusing the Israelis forces of having "desecrated the church." Meanwhile, residents of Bethlehem say those 13 Palestinian gunmen now in Cyprus on their way to exile had run a mafia-style reign of terror over Christians in the town. Residents told The Washington Times that some Christians were forced to pay protection money to what amounted to a Palestinian gang led by men wielding M-16 rifles.

Deep in Debt?
Bill and Hillary Clinton may be collecting millions of dollars in book advances and he in speaking fees, but none of it seems to be going to pay their legal bills. The New York Daily News reports that Mr. Clinton still owes a million dollars to his lawyer in the Paula Jones case, Robert Bennett, but Bennett has not received any payment in more than a year. In all, the paper said, the couple still owes more than $3 million to their lawyers. The article quotes a former Clinton aide as saying, "They would prefer not to pay and don't think they should have to."

The Million Dollar Question
California Gov. Gray Davis stands accused by a teacher's union official of using a meeting in his office to discuss education policy to solicit money for his campaign. Wayne Johnson, president of the California Teacher's Association, told the Los Angeles Times that he and others from his group were meeting with Davis on Valentine's Day when "just sort of out of the blue he said, 'I need $1million from you guys.'" Davis says he doesn't remember saying that, but can't say with certainty he didn't.

Herding the Bears!
Security officials preparing for next month's G-8 economic summit in the Canadian Rockies plan to round up and collar grizzly bears that reside in the area. But they told UPI they are not trying to protect the G-8 leaders from the bears, but to protect the bears from the armed men guarding the leaders. Wildlife official Jon Jorgenson said, "Whenever you have armed people in the backcountry, you can end up with dead bears."