Bigwig — Small Camera

Dear Viewers,

Thursday night after I interviewed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard Myers (search), I asked if I could have a picture with him. He said yes and I pulled out of my pocket my small camera that I got last fall.

He immediately focused on my camera and asked me about it and if I love it. I said yes because it is small enough that it will fit in my pocket -- so that I actually have it with me to take pictures. He was fascinated by the camera and the size. I also pointed out it is five mega-pixels. He asked where I got it and I told him I bought it on line about six months ago from a company that sells products before they get to the U.S. market. In this case, the camera came directly from Japan but the brand is commonly sold in the U.S.

He then took a closer look at the camera and realized that he knew someone else who had recently gotten it. He said, "Doesn't it also shoot video?" I said, "Yes, but the camera came directly from Japan which created a major problem: The instruction book is in Japanese. All I got in English was one page of simple directions on how to turn the camera on and off."

General Myers was so taken by the camera that he said he is going to get one and he promised to share his English version instruction booklet with me.

The interview with General Myers was taped about 9 p.m. ET last night. After the 10-minute interview and before the show started at 10 p.m. ET, he stood around talking with Bret Baier and me for about half an hour. He was very charming and warm. We talked much of the time about planes (I bragged about flying with the Thunderbirds but could not, of course, come close to his record -- he is a former fighter pilot.)

It is too bad that TV is quite formal and the topics very serious since I regret the viewers don't get to see our guests in a less formal, more natural setting. You would really like General Myers if you don't already.


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