Big Wallet — Bigger Heart

When I'm traveling on my book tour -- like the one I'm on now in Atlanta -- so many of you have inquired who of the two dozen people I profiled in my book stands out.

I was thinking about that this past Father's Day weekend and one in particular stands out.

He was a man who had everything: Money. Power. Status. A great company and a great family.

Then September 11 happened.

Nearly 70 people in his firm were wiped out in a single horrific event when the first plane hit the World Trade Center (search). One of those victims was his son.

This father was devastated. He had more than enough money to retreat to a vacation home and rightfully wallow in his misery.

But John Duffy didn't do that.

For Christopher, his son, and all the others lost senselessly that day, John wiped away the tears, and started toiling away at the firm that was so decimated.

He told me he owed it to Chris and those workers and all those kids left without all those parents, to rebuild, to make things secure.

Not for him. After all, John didn't need any financial help. He could have walked away right then and there. But for them and for Chris. And for all their good works, and good memories.

John Duffy's a great dad and to a lot more kids than just his own.

Yes, John has a big wallet. But what made him a hero in my book -- quite literally in my book -- and for my money, the most touching chapter in my book, is that he has something even bigger: A big heart.

Something to aim for, whether you're a dad, or not.

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