Big Headed?

It's easy to get caught up and excited when you're on top of the world.

Take this show, right now it's the most watched business show. I'm proud of that and all the people behind the scenes who are the real heroes here.

But I'm also mindful of history. And despite my looks, I'm mindful of not getting a big head in the process.

Just in the nearly six years I've been at Fox I've seen great careers come and go, great companies rise and fall and promising CEOs boom and burn.

When I started here, Enron was the hottest stock going. Everyone called it the new, big thing. Ken Lay was a god.

When I started here, Bernie Ebbers of Worldcom was a corporate cowboy, buying up all the big boys. Now he's a hurting boy.

Gosh, when I started here, tie-less Internet geeks were the rage and they were rich. They are neither now.

Lesson learned: stay focused and do your job.

My mother used to say, "Neil, if you ever make it big, don't act like it... they'll only use it as evidence later on."

My father, of course, was more to the point, "Stay humble, Neil. In your case, it will come in handy."

True enough.

Trust me, having a big head isn't a problem. Acting like it is.

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