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The president's full-court press for universal health care took a big blow last week as various polls revealed that the public is ambivalent about the president's health care initiative.

So naturally, The New York Times last weekend picked up the offensive for the president, producing their own poll. The Times headlines read: "In Poll, Wide Support for Government-Run Health."

But the Power Line blog looked at the small print and guess what they found: The Times polled a grossly disproportionate number of Obama voters. Forty-eight percent of the people by The Times voted for Obama, whereas only 25 percent of those polled were John McCain supporters.

What a shock that the poll found wide report for state-run health care giving that statistical sampling.

Mr. Nanny State

For some incomprehensible reason the Democratic Party has decided to make Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd the face for its push for universal health care. Dodd hit the Sunday shows last weekend to make the case for it, and when George Stephanopoulos asked him about the $1 trillion price tag on that bill, Dodd ran into a little bit of trouble:


SEN. CHRIS DODD, D-CONN.: Well, George, we're not done with this at all.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: It should hit $2 trillion by the time we're done!

DODD: If this were easy, it would have been done decades ago.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Forcing this on the American people has been a challenge for years.

DODD: Sixty years the effort has been made to have a national health care program in this country.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: And for 60 years these stubborn Americans have resisted. Darn them!

DODD: It's almost 50 million uninsured, and those who are insured, paying prices they can't afford and going to escalate every day. Fourteen thousand people a day lose their health insurance in the United States. Fourteen thousand a day.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Or was that the amount I paid for my Irish cottage? I can never keep these things straight.

DODD: This is very hard. This is very difficult, but we're going to stick with it. We actually had a pretty good week in many ways.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Too bad Angelo Mozilo can't help me out with this, too.


I've got news for you, Senator Dodd: Passing a universal health care bill may prove a little more difficult than those shady back-room deals that you have been brokering the past several years.

Operation Makeover

It turns out ACORN — the voter registration group that wants absolutely everybody to have the right to vote, including illegal immigrants and dead people — apparently does not extend the right to have one's voice heard to their own employees.

The Washington Examiner reports that ACORN is threatening legal action against two former board members who called the organization out for their corruption. It has already filed a lawsuit against whistleblower Anita MonCrief who testified that the organization encouraged voter fraud.

And if silencing its critics doesn't keep the bad news to a minimum, the organization is changing its name. Out with ACORN and in with Community Organizations International.

So when Community Organizations International comes knocking on your door to register your dead relative to vote in the next election, you may want to beware.

Popularity Contest

Nevada Senator John Ensign's popularity took a big beating last week, dropping 14 points after the Republican admitted to having an affair with a former campaign staffer.

Nonetheless, Ensign remains more popular than another Nevada politician whose popularity is remarkably low.

For some reason, Nevada Senator Harry Reid isn't too popular in his home state. A newly released Mason-Dixon poll shows Ensign with a 39 percent approval rating, but Reid only got 34 percent.

Reid, you may remember, is the Senate majority leader.


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