Beyond the Headlines

Ever since he was a young man, he and his wife have taken in foster kids. Not just little kids — older kids — sometimes what others call "dangerous kids." He gives them a good home and good opportunities and, for many, they go on to form a good life.

He did the same for harassed Jewish families during the height of the Soviet Union (search). Some he helped secret out. He forced a Republican president to talk about them, save them and ultimately free them.

At one point, this born-again Christian even helped arrange a Passover Seder for a Jewish family that had never had the privilege.

He's helped minority-owned businesses cut through red tape and have a fighting chance and helped others get the government off their back so they could get on their feet.

He gives a lot to charity, but tells those charities not to say a word about who's the one giving.

He comes from a party that many say is all about the rich, but most of the time he devotes himself to helping the poorest of the poor.

He's given unwed mothers a chance and those from broken homes a hope.

You might know him. His name is Tom DeLay (search).

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