As if Beyonce (search) wasn't enough to satisfy audiences, now the secret of "Sasha" is out.

That's the name Beyonce has given her stage persona, according to the November issue of Vanity Fair (search).

"I always held back in Destiny's Child (search), because I was comfortable in a group and felt that I didn't have to do anything 100 percent, because there were other people onstage with me. I would not lose myself or go all the way," she told the magazine.

"The first step to (going all the way) was `Dangerously in Love.' I just wanted people to really hear me, hear my voice and my tastes. For the first time, I wasn't afraid, I didn't feel limited. I wanted people to hear my range, because I can sing like a rapper, I can flow, I can sing soul songs, I can do rock, and I wanted people to hear that."

As usual, she was coy about her relationship with Jay-Z, although she did say they're not engaged, let alone secretly married as some have claimed.

Jay-Z spoke about their musical relationship: "We exchanged audiences. Her records are huge Top 40 records, and she helped `Bonnie and Clyde' go to No. 1. What I gave her was a street credibility, a different edge."

Beyonce didn't have that edge growing up.

"I went to private school, we had a very nice house, cars, a housekeeper," she said. "I wasn't doing (singing) because I didn't have a choice, or to support the family, or because I had to get out of a bad situation. I just was determined."