Betty White Takes It Off for TV Movie

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Actress Betty White (search) — yes, that Betty White — goes flesh-toned for a scene in her new TV movie.

During the filming of the Hallmark Channel original movie "Annie's Point," (search) White, 83, and co-star Amy Davidson went bare, sort of, for a grandmother-granddaughter skinny-dipping scene.

"We were not method acting," White said in a statement Friday. "We had little strapless bathing suits on. I mean, we can act like we're naked."

But they couldn't act like they weren't cold. The non-heated pool caused both actresses' teeth to chatter during their scenes, which were shot at 2 a.m.

"It was so cold! It was freezing," Davidson said. "I was scared to death for her. I'm like, 'Get this woman out of the pool!' But the director was great because he did the scene as fast as we could."

In "Annie's Point," White, best known for her role as Rose Nylund on television's "The Golden Girls," plays a grandmother who travels over 2,000 miles with her free-spirited granddaughter to spread her husband's ashes over a bluff.

The skinny-dipping scene occurs halfway through the movie, which premieres Saturday night.