Have you heard the news about Jay Leno? (search) He's stepping down.

I'm thinking, oh-no! I like Jay Leno.

Then I hear he won't be stepping down until 2009. And I'm thinking, 2009? I have a hard enough time thinking much past dinner in 2004!


I guess to appease Conan O'Brien (search) and prevent the guy from leaving the Peacock fold, they worked out this understanding that Jay goes in five years and Conan takes his place.

Look, I like both guys, but this isn't going to happen. At least not the way they planned. Timetables like that are simply unrealistic.

Flip it around: What were "you" doing five years ago?

It was 1999. The presidential election was a year away. Florida, chads, counts and recounts hadn't happened.

Neither had the millennium or the Y2K (search) fears — everyone fretting about data lost and computers crashed.

The Twin Towers still stood and three thousand in its buildings still lived.

Space shuttles were still flying and Saddam was still ruling.

Sure we knew Usama, but he wasn't quite infamous. And we knew Governor George Bush, but he wasn't quite famous.

Five years is a lot of time.

Five years ago Ken Lay was a genius, Enron was a new wave company and Martha Stewart was an icon.

Five years ago the Internet was big and tech stocks were bigger. Countless CEOs and presidents have since been shown the door. I imagine more than a few network programmers too.

Things like that happen in five years. I guess it's nice to plan, but it's nicer to prepare for the time when everything you plan out doesn't pan out.

So Jay and Conan, it's a good thing you guys are funny. Little did I know, your plan would be even funnier.

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