If you're as cynical as I am about celebrity romances like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, check out director Kevin Smith's web site, Moviepoopshoot.com. He says the sparks on his set were so real they could be bottled for an aphrodisiac. Now if that sounds like hype to promote his movie, well, you're as cynical as the Foxlight. Smith is a straight shooter, but these two are players. I give it 90 more days -- chemistry or not.

Russell Crowe seems to know the right women to hang out with. According to a British newspaper, one feisty gal saved him for a barroom brawl. It happened in Mexico, where Crowe challenged some guys after they made fun of him. His karate teacher -- a women -- stepped in and literally floored the three guys.

Finally, Britney Spears would like to thank all her fans for their support -- by selling them a book and DVD set. That's right -- on her web site, she calls the upcoming package her way of saying "Thank you." I call it a cheap marketing ploy. Hopefully, it will be as successful as her restaurant.