BRIT HUME, GUEST HOST:  Let's check out a few stories we found this week "below the fold." 

The University of California Board of Regeants voted Friday to award illegal aliens in-state tuition status.  That means that a student from neighboring Arizona, for instance, would pay about four times the tuition that a student who is not a legal resident of any U.S. state.  Opponents say -- the votes say it encourages people to break the law. 

And two items from the fashion pages on the war on terror.  Hamid Karzai, the interim leader of Afghanistan, has been called the chic-est man on the planet by Gucci designer Tom Ford.  According to Ford, Karzai's flowing capes are elegant and very proud. 

And one of Osama bin Laden's half-brothers Yeslam bin Laden (ph), has applied for trademark protection to open a line of clothing bearing the family name.  No word on what the moderately priced clothing will look like, but bin Laden (ph), who spells his name slightly differently from his infamous brother, hopes eventually to sell his goods in the United States. 

And an update on a story we mentioned last week.  A controversy erupted when a statue commission to commemorate this famous photograph replaced the three white firemen in the picture with a white and a black and an Hispanic firefighter.  This week, the developer who commissioned the statue and the fire commissioner announced plans to scrap the whole thing and consider other options for a memorial.