Below the Fold for August 24

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Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Food for Thought

The French have found themselves the targets of a truly frightening group of Americans -- animal-rights activists. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (search) is targeting gourmands who prepare and serve foie gras, and vandals duly have begun ransacking eateries that serve up the delicacy, derived from goose and duck livers.

San Francisco chef Laurent Manrique has received written and videotaped threats; assailants also have spray painted his home, dumped acid on his car and smashed a Buddha statue in his yard.

Manrique says of his stalkers, "Welcome to America, the country of free speech, eh?"

Clearing the Air

Democrats and environmental groups had a field day in 2000, when Houston was declared the most polluted American city (search). They noted gleefully that George W. Bush was governor of the state in which the smelly city resides.

Now, however, the same critics are conspicuously silent. As our friend Rich Galen has pointed out, the most polluted city in America is Riverside, California. No. 2: Fresno, California.

No comment from the American Lung Association, the Sierra Club or the California congressional delegation. Incidentally, numbers three through five on the most polluted list are Bakersfield, California; Los Angeles/Long Beach, California and Sacramento, California -- all in a state presently governed by Democrat Gray Davis.