Below the Fold

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BRIT HUME, GUEST HOST:  Let's have a look at some political stories we found "below the fold." 

Contrary to earlier reports, Usama bin Laden's mother, Hamida (ph), is not angry at her son.  In an Agence France news account Saturday, Usama's momma denied being upset with her son saying, quote, "I, like all mothers, am satisfied and pleased with my son."  But she added, quote, "I don't approve of the ambitions, ideas and actions attributed to him."  She also said she prays to God to guide her son to the right path and to save him.

Usama bin Laden's fighting force may be thinning out.  The London Sun newspaper reports, bin Laden told his followers to leave their children in the caves to fight for Allah.  According to the story, bin Laden issued his order as he was moving on horseback to a new location. 

He also told members of his Al Qaeda network to arm their burqa- clad wives to fight against the infidel aggressors.  According to press accounts, the wife and children of Iman Alza Wairi (ph), one of Usama bin Laden's top men, were killed in recent fighting.  Unclear if their deaths are connected to that reported bin Laden policy. 

And this update on an international trouble spot from earlier this year.  Since the Chinese fighter jet collided with a U.S. EP-3 reconnaissance plane in April, China's military had been keeping a safe distance from American planes in the area.  Not any more though. In the past months there have been at least two incidents of Chinese aircraft intercepting and seemingly harassing U.S. reconnaissance planes flying in international airspace along China's coast.  In one case a Chinese jet said to have come within 500 feet, and the other separation about 1,000 feet. 

A senior Pentagon official told Fox News, though, that so far the Chinese pilots have been conducting themselves in a professional and non-threatening manner. 

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