Behind the Velvet Rope With Jen and Ben

The two-headed Hollywood beast known as "Bennifer" finally sat down for an interview Thursday to answer pressing questions like "who wears the pants?"

Jennifer Lopez (search) and Ben Affleck (search), the paparazzi's favorite pairing since J-Lo and Puffy, gave glimpses into their personal and professional lives during Ben and Jen: A Dateline NBC Special.

It was the couple's first interview together, and Access Hollywood host Pat O'Brien was at the helm.

While there were no bombs dropped, it may have startled some to learn that the woman with the biggest diva rep in the biz is comfortable being the little lady at home.

"Ben wears the pants. He definitely wears the pants," said Lopez. "I'm traditional in that way ... I take on the woman roles in certain things."

She may not be barefoot and pregnant, but she is in the kitchen making her man "Puerto Rican fried chicken, rice and red beans," she said.

And in keeping with traditional male roles, Affleck said he doesn't help clean up after dinner.

"It's not my favorite thing in the world to do," he said. "I don't like to wash dishes."

But he did boast to friends-from-the-block in Boston, who were clamoring for intimate details about the couple's relationship when they started dating.

"That's the question: 'Did you have sex with her?'" Affleck said using a Boston accent. "'You did? No, sir. For real. I can't believe it, man. I love this! Mom, remember Affleck, that skinny kid from down the block?'"

"So I made good in Boston. That was my crowning achievement," he said.

The engaged power couple, who reportedly buy each other Bentleys and boatloads of bling-bling to express their affection, both say it wasn't love at first sight.

"I probably secretly thought like, 'You know, this is gonna be a pain in the [expletive] like working with this woman. You know, I'll try to get through this thing,'" Affleck said.

Lopez, who's already been married and divorced twice, chopped down Affleck's self-esteem a few notches as well: "He wasn't even remotely appealing, really, to tell you the truth. He was so far from the sexiest man alive. I thought he was kind of homely!" she admitted.

At one point in the interview "Jenny from the Block" tried to clear her image as the demanding diva written about in gossip columns.

"All I do, really, is go to work and try to be professional, be on time and be prepared," the 32-year-old singer-actress said. "Then you hear all this stuff that people say about you. It can be hurtful."

"I think people are always surprised, when I go work on a movie or do something, when I show up and it's just me, my assistant and my driver. And they say, 'Well, where is everybody else?' This is it. It's just me."

He may wear the pants in the relationship, but Affleck, 30, said neither he nor Lopez overly influences the other when it comes to their careers.

"It's not as though I say, 'You should do this, that or the other thing.' Or she says, 'You should do this, that and the other thing.' Because I think it's dangerous in any relationship if you let too much of the professional life intrude," Affleck said.

The couple didn't announce when their much-anticipated wedding will take place, but they are eagerly spreading the word about another date – the July 30 opening of Gigli, in which they co-star.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.