Behind the Scenes Tour of the Pentagon

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By the time you receive this blog via e-mail or you log on to to read the blog, we will be at the Pentagon. We have an early morning call there — with our cameras — to go through the Army Operations Center (AOC) at the Pentagon. Needless to say, we are very lucky to get in there with our cameras and you will be able to see this tonight!

The AOC is where our military monitors the war between Israel and Hezbollah… and you can be sure, our military is very closely watching this war. This war is very important to the United States. This war not only is one involving our good friend Israel, but if it were ever to spiral out of worse control, the ramifications are unthinkable.

Unless the military were willing to give us this unique opportunity, you would never get a look at the AOC. We are excited about getting this chance to take you inside and yes, we too want to see it. It is true: You won't see this any other place… and this is your one chance to get inside — really inside the Pentagon.

And yes, I intend to post lots of still photos from this journey to the Pentagon, so watch tonight for the video and check back here for still photos.

Here is a factoid: The Israeli general who is head of the Israeli Northern Command is General Udi Adam. His father, General Yekutiel Adam, former deputy chief of staff for the IDF, was killed during the Lebanon war in 1982. Yes, fathers and sons are still fighting the same enemy.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1 — This first e-mail is from my colleague Catherine Herridge. I had forwarded to her an e-mail from a mother who had a child who had the same health problem as Peter. The mother had given me permission to send the e-mail on to Catherine. The mother's child did not live long enough to get a liver and they could not find a family match.

Thanks for forwarding the e-mail. Sheree's child had the same disease as Peter, I was really moved to read it. Everyday we are thankful that Peter could be helped because we know not every child can.
Peter was the same age as Sheree's son, Jett, when he got my liver. Dr. Mazariagos told us that he believes Peter would be dead right now if he had not got the transplant when he did. It is really sobering to consider that a few weeks made the difference for him.
Every week Peter gets stronger. He is now going to the transplant clinic only on Thursdays and soon we may be able to go home. He nearly weighs 14 pounds. To put it in perspective, it's like one of us gaining a third of our body weight in a month! The doctors say his body will work overtime for several months to try and catch up on growth and weight. It's amazing how the body knows what to do!
We are walking all over Pittsburgh now. It is good rehab for me and terrific for Peter. He has never spent much time outside before because he was so sick, so he looks constantly amazed at everything he sees, from the big public transit buses to the old maples.
We have explored a lot neighborhoods now including Shadyside — that's the part of town where the captains of industry used to live in the days of Big Steel. There is a stretch along Fifth Avenue here, called Millionaire's Row, where there are old stone mansions. Some stand proud as they did a century ago, while others are boarded up like haunted houses.
It feels good to have Peter out exploring life. I maybe just be imagining it, but he sees so much happier than I ever expected. I suppose this really is the first time he has felt good. Being sick was all he ever knew before.
We miss you here in the 'burgh, but drop in on your show at night. Thanks again for sending along that e-mail. It means a lot.
Catherine, JD, Jamie and baby Peter

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta,
Keep up the good work. I think the decisions you and your staff have made are right on. What's with these people anyway? World War III has just started and they want variety?
Stan Delk
Folsom, CA

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
I think your trip to the Pentagon is to do an interview with the secretary of defense. If not him, then you are going to interview current active duty generals in regard to the whole Mideast and terrorism situation. Keep up the wonderful job and great interviews.
With appreciation,
David Brockman

E-mail No. 4

I wasn't going to bring up all the war coverage, but since you mentioned it today in Gretawire, I thought I would comment that I too would like to see less coverage unless of course there is something new. If you reported the latest war information at the beginning of the show and moved on that would be great. I know it has to be covered. What bothers me about all this coverage other than it is just boring to hear the people say the same thing over and over, is that I think the more press it gets the more those people tend to act up. They all want attention and all the media from across the world is covering them night and day and I feel it just gives them a reason to try and one-up the other one. Maybe if they got less attention they'd start trying to work on a resolution.
Then they go to the newsbreaks that they have in all the shows and they cover the exact same thing that the individual shows are covering, they go to another reporter also for a live update and honestly it is just too much of the same thing over and over again.
I know the war is the big story and it has to be covered, I just thought I'd share my thoughts with you Greta. You and your staff have done a great job covering this war.
Barb Christianson
Grand Junction, CO

E-mail No. 5

I don't know what is wrong with the American people, we need to know about the war, every minute of the day. Don't they know this will affect America and other countries also? You keep up the good job you are doing on your show about the war and updating up on the reporters of whom we worry about in the war zone. I think most of the American people just don't get the War on Terror. Stupid is all I can say.

E-mail No. 6

The nation needs to take a break from FOX and get a grip — the 24/7 drumbeat for war is silly.
Wanda Carmichael

E-mail No. 7

Didn't the prime minister of Lebanon say that he would have the Lebanese Army help Hezbollah fight Israel? Maybe that's why the Lebanese Army base was hit. Why haven't we heard more about that?
Eric Rosenberg

E-mail No. 8

The Army is composed 50 percent of soldiers who support Hezbollah and the other 50 percent support Israel. There is no way Israel can divide them especially in combat, so that is why Hezbollah is not afraid of the Lebanese Army, and has run the country live a guardian telling them what to do, and ignoring them if they complain! Nestled in the houses and business places are rocket launchers that Israel it trying to stop. That's why the city is being demolished. They destroy any building that is seen firing rockets!

E-mail No. 9

You ask, "Why would Israel bomb an army base of Lebanon?"
How about this:
Israel: "You are either with the Hez or you're with us. Here is a little something to help you think faster: Do you want to be on the side of two-bit thugs with fireworks or the great and powerful Oz with precision weapons? Join us or we can take you out whenever we choose."
Just a thought,
Bryan M. Hirsh

E-mail No. 10

I just wanna specify that Amchit is about 30 miles to the north of Beirut and it is a purely Christian area where there is no way that Hezbollah can go or use the base for supplies.
Thank you,

E-mail No. 11

At least Australia may be using their heads. The rest of the Useless Nuisance "observers" need to get out on their own or be carried out.
USAF Retired

E-mail No. 12

One more thing about tonight's broadcast. Everyone keeps harping on the fact that 10 phone calls were made to Israel by the U.N. workers that they were getting to close. 1) Are there phone records? Can the U.N. just be making this up? 2) What if the U.N. was supplying the militants with information on Israel and the whereabouts of the troops?
There could be reasons that we just don't know about.
Nicole Stephenson

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