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Here are some pictures from Fox's "Des Moines" bureau.  Fox sets this up for the Iowa Caucuses and dismantles quickly right after the caucuses and moves it to New Hampshire.  Fox's "bureau" was in the Iowa State Capitol which may be the MOST beautiful capitol building in the country.

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#1: This photo is the main anchor desk.  Brit Hume will be anchoring from this desk tonight.

#2: This is the gorgeous staircase leading up to the "set" we used for our show Friday night from the State Senate Chamber.

#3: This photo was taken inside the Capitol law library.  Note the winding staircase.  This library is magnificent -- it is so beautiful it takes your breath away!

# 4: This photo shows the inside of the Senate Chamber where we had our show Friday night.

#5: This is a backdrop that we use in many shots -- this is in the corridor of the Capitol.

#6: Finally the "wall" of my office space in Iowa.  I am a Packers fan and Thom Bird (Fox's Executive Producer for News Specials & Events), who gets much of the credit for the Fox political coverage, put the Eagles posters on my wall before I arrived.  The Eagles, as you may know, eliminated the Packers from the playoff!


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