Behind Enemy Lines

Special thanks to the media and most of all to the people of Atlanta (search) for an unbelievable day! You all rallied to grab over 500 books and I think I got to them all. Honored to get that kind of response in CNN country!

I hope you all felt like you were not rushed through. Because I tried to limit any comments before to make sure no one waited and came up without a signature for Christmas.

My one challenge was getting to the airport on time and finishing off the line. And once again someone came up big. His name "Fred" and his job is special SWAT team officer. Fred thankfully is a fan and when he came into say "Hi" he was told I was up against the clock to get to airport to get my flight! So Fred took matters into his own hands. He put on his siren and escorted me at a speed only Jeff Gordon could feel comfortable with to the airport. Wow! A 45-minute ride took only 20 minutes.

I have many more stories to share when I get back to work next week. For now, it's home then to the White House for the media Christmas party. Then it's off to Tampa for a Friday signing, then Clinton, N.J. on Saturday and then a car ride to Long Island, Bay Shore at 4 p.m. In between I will hopefully see my son's team win his third straight indoor soccer game.

Thanks to all who helped make the Southern swing a sensation! If this book does move up inside the top five, all you who lined up with a smile and a ton of patience get all the credit.

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