Beggars Can't Be Choosers

So a city in California — a state that is broke — wants to stop doing business with Arizona; a state that is not. And simply because Arizona is a state not accepting business as usual on illegal immigration.

So Arizona cracked down, and now Los Angeles' city council has proven to the world it's simply cracked, to suspend business ties with the state, even official city workers' travel to the state, leaving aside Los Angeles is in quite a state itself — literally.

Twenty billion in the hole and no hope of digging out.

You'd think the state's governor would consider its taxpayers who could sorely use the business, rather than mock his neighbor and just give 'em the business.

Those who advocate punishing Arizona say it's about principle, not profits. Please tell taxpayers facing massive bills the principle involved in ignoring profits.

Because this isn't about racism in Arizona; it's about escapism in California.

About an L.A. council that would sooner cut off its nose to spite its face, than look in the mirror and serve its constituents.

To fault a neighbor for getting tough on those who shouldn't be there and claim they're racists, proves the crackdown in Arizona isn't the issue — crackpots in California are.

Too arrogant to see they live in a big glass house they can't even pay for, and foisting a distraction on their very voters they clearly don't give a damn for.

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