Beck's Book Club: 'That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom'

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Health care in America has been socialized. New book talks about Democrats deliberately deceiving Americans in order to get the bill passed. It also talks about how anyone who questions this administration or its allies are treated like terrorists.

We have been talking about this for the last couple of days to point out specific examples from the book. Author Michael Graham is here, also radio talk show host. How are you, sir? So here's the book, "That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom."


BECK: You take the left apart, piece by piece, using specific examples. My theory is they keep poking and poking and poking and saying, "Come on. Come on. You know you want to hit me. You want to hit me. Come on, hit me."

Give me some examples.

GRAHAM: Well, I love your metaphor to poking because remember Scott Brown's race in Massachusetts? I think the moment that both won the race for him and kind of symbolized the attitude that the left has was normal Americans just showed up and asked, "Hey, what's up with the bailout stuff?" was the moment when a reporter from The Weekly Standard went up to Martha Coakley and just asked a question, "Explain to us again your position on terrorism."

Her direction answer was, "Next question."

Then, as she walked away, he tried to follow her. One of her handlers, a paid Democratic union guy, shoves the reporter to the ground.

BECK: I believe we have the videotape. Can we play the videotape here?


MICHAEL MEEHAN, COAKLEY ASSOCIATE: Are you a member of the media?

JOHN MCCORMACK, THE WEEKLY STANDARD: Yes, I am. I work for The Weekly Standard.

MEEHAN: Show me your credentials.

MCCORMACK: This is a congressional press pass.


BECK: Now Michael, refresh my memory. Who is the guy hassling the reporter there?

GRAHAM: He is a long time Democratic activist who had worked for John Kerry in the past.

BECK: All right.

GRAHAM: The entire story is in the book. And my point is, that metaphor — "Hey, what are you doing asking questions? You're asking questions," shoved to the ground, then you get up, shoved again, shoved again, shoved again.

I think Nancy Pelosi marching through the protesters on the eve of the health care battle with that big mallet in her hand, she was asking — she was saying yet again: "Don't even look at me. I'm in charge here. You people sit down and shut up."

BECK: You know, I was talking about it a couple of days ago. You know, you have kids. If you discipline your kids or you spank your kids, the first thing when I got spanked as a kid, my father would hug me and he would say, "Son, I'm sorry, you know, but you have to learn. This is for your own good." But he always hugged me and told me he loved me.

Have you noticed the president hasn't done that after health care?


BECK: He pushes. They push, push, push, get it done. He said you can't govern by passing health care with 51 votes. They didn't even that. So Michael, what —

GRAHAM: Well, I want to get back to that hug, because when Barack Obama is hugging on health care, he's reaching for your wallet. That's what's happening.

And here's his problem — people know it so they keep asking questions. So what happens, you denounce him. My president called my mom in Columbia, South Carolina, and all the Tea Partiers who showed up, radicals and extremists.

Excuse me, they are just showing up at an event about the future of America. Sitting congressmen have called us evil-mongers, hate- mongers, brown shirts. Brian Baird compared us to brown shirts.


What better way to shut up my nice little mom down in Columbia, South Carolina than to tell her, "You know, there is something wrong with you for asking these questions. Aren't you a hater?"

BECK: But isn't really it's not just the administration, it is the media, with the exception of Fox.


BECK: It is.

GRAHAM: Well, I'm not ashamed to say, I have an entire chapter of the book dedicated to how great a job Fox News does compared to everyone else. Fox News wouldn't let a newsman on air who went on the absolutely insulting attack rants that we hear from other networks where they call, once again, people like my mom racists and bigots.

They have regular guests on the cable channels who say Tea Partiers are mentally-challenged, the racist tea-baggers.

That's not part of the debate. They are not trying to prove a point on how we are going to save money on Medicare.

This is about: You have to shut up. You have to shut up now. So what happens? We get mad. We don't like being called racist. We don't like being insulted. We don't like being lied to.

And you are right, Glenn. Somebody somewhere gets so mad they do something stupid. And immediately, the entire movement is attacked. It's a plan.

BECK: Thank you, Michael. The name of the book is, "That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom" by Michael Graham. Pick it up at bookstores everywhere.

Thanks, Michael.

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