Beck's Book Club

I come up with a lot of weird ideas for my show, but this one may take the cake.

One of things I talk about all the time is the importance of educating yourself and knowing history: The only way to understand where this country is going is to understand through history, America's past.

So back to my weird idea:

It starts with this book, "The Age of the Unthinkable." This book challenges you to "think outside the box." Today, our solutions are failing. Our War on Terror spawns more terrorists. Decisions made to curb the financial crisis have made it worse. So, we need to "think the unthinkable"; draw upon history, psychology, economics. Look, the answer to our unsustainable debt doesn't come from more spending.

We're entering a new time in America with inherent unpredictability. This book puts you in front of some really uncomfortable global challenges and, at the same time, changes the physics of the way we have been trained to think. The most dynamic solutions don't come from elite eggheads, they come from outside those circles. Got it? So now I'm thinking about all the things that could be headed our way; the problems that really seem insurmountable.

Part two of this starts to take shape with the second book, "The Survivors Club"; in tough times, who bounces back and who doesn't? What do survivors and thrivers know that the rest of us don't? For example, in prisoner-of-war camps, the people most likely to collapse are the eternal optimists who believe rescue is imminent and fail to come to terms with the possibility of long-term imprisonment. Resilience of the human mind and body and the ways in which we can all use instincts maximize our chances of coming through catastrophic situations. That's what this book can teach you.

So now I am looking at the "unthinkable" problems America could be facing and the "survival" methods of how to face them. There's a third piece of this puzzle and it relies on the one thing that has always kept this country going from the beginning: faith. "America's Prophet: Moses and the American Story" is the book that comes to mind. Did you know that the pilgrims quoted the story of Moses? Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson proposed that Moses appear on the U.S. Seal. The Statue of Liberty was modeled on the image of Moses. The answer, time and time again, throughout American history has been to turn to faith and use the lesson of Moses to point the way. Faith is the ultimate answer.

So, now I've got these three books and to me they are a trilogy.

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