Beck: Golden State's Progressive History

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GLENN BECK, HOST: California has become quite a hotbed for all kinds of radicals — communists, socialists, all in the 1960's. But they were here before progressives. Now eco-terrorists, they're here.

You have the Panthers were formed here. Nancy Pelosi is here. A lot of really dangerous people in the state as volatile as this one and it is on the edge.

One of those radical communists from California is Van Jones. Here's a guy who, you know, was hanging out with cop killers. He was a 9/11 Truther. I told you he can't be just — he can't scurry under the refrigerator like a cockroach after the lights are turned out. You have to hold him responsible because he'll resurface again. Well, he has. He'll be speaking alongside New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand next month in New York.

David Horowitz, the publisher of — former radical himself. You were a guy — if I read history in the 1960s, you were part of all of these people that we're now talking about, all of the radicals, progressives, revolutionaries.

David, any doubt in your mind that a guy like Van Jones wants to, not just transform America into something, but I mean a very radically different America that Americans would not even begin to understand.

DAVID HOROWITZ, PUBLISHER, REALNEWSBLOG.COM: He's what I call a neo- communist. You know, we have neo-conservatives, neo-fascists, but somehow, we don't have neo-communists. These are people who have the same vision that communists — I grew up, of course, in a communist community. My parents were communists.

Van Jones will not disappear. He's a fellow at the Center for American Progress —

BECK: I know. I know.

HOROWITZ: Which is the brain trust of the Democratic Party.

BECK: When I said they were going to sweep him out, they did. They swept him out on a holiday weekend at midnight. And I came back that next Tuesday and said this is the worst thing that can happen because he's still in the system. He is and he's never going away, is he?


BECK: We have to chase these people and keep a spotlight on them all the time.


Well, you know, the old communists are revived by this progressive movement. It is a movement and it's a culture. You know, the Rosenbergs are still innocent.

BECK: Yes.

HOROWITZ: Richard Nixon is still, you know, the enemy.

McCarthy did not actually expose people who were working for the Soviet Union — which he did.

BECK: Let me — I want to take you to — this is from Larry King with Angie Dickinson for the full hour. And then, also — what's her name. This is John McCain's daughter. And this is why I have say John McCain is a progressive. He's an honorable man, but he's a progressive.

And they don't work together; the progressives and the Constitution don't work together. Listen to his daughter on "Larry King":


MEGAN MCCAIN, DAUGHTER OF JOHN MCCAIN: I consider myself a progressive Republican.


BECK: OK. Such a thing as a progressive Republican that can stand — can a progressive — this is what I'm trying to convince America of — can a progressive work with the Constitution?

HOROWITZ: Not in the way it's understood by these people. No.


HOROWITZ: The Constitution is a conservative document. First of all, it distrusts the people. It makes the people sovereign, but then, it puts all these checks and balances in their way. And of course, you know, originally, senators weren't even elected.

BECK: OK. Hang on a second because — I want to come back in just a second. I want to ask David about a couple of people that — I mean, this is such a hotbed in California. How do you turn things around? This is ground zero in many ways.

David Horowitz, next.



REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: Under the leadership of Harry Bridges, followed by Jim Herman, the ILW faced head on the great political challenges of our nation.


BECK: Back with David Horowitz — he is the publisher of, former radical himself from California.

I want to give you another quote from Nancy Pelosi. Can you bring up the quote from Nancy Pelosi? Do you have the other quote?

"Harry Bridges was arguably the most significant labor leader of the 20th Century, beloved by the workers of this nation and recognized as one of the most important labor leaders in the world."

Who was Harry Bridges?

HOROWITZ: Harry Bridges was an Australian labor leader whom the government, during the Cold War, tried to deport for 10 years because they were saying he's a member of the Communist Party and therefore basically an agent of the Soviet Union.

He denied it all the way.

Then, when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet archives were open, it turned out he was on the central committee of the American Communist Party — he was one of the leaders of the Communist Party. And in 1998, everybody knew this. But it's Pelosi's hero.

BECK: Why did Sweeney, from AFL-CIO, change and say, Hey, we don't need to have any of these rules to keep communists out of the labor unions?
This is just a few years ago.

HOROWITZ: Right. The big break — it was a big break in 1948 during — when the progressive party was formed and the Cold War. Walter Reuther, who was a socialist, drove the communists out of the CIO, out of the unions, because they were agents of the Soviet Union, which was a slave empire and our enemy.

BECK: Right.

HOROWITZ: Sweeney and these guys — like you say, Van Jones doesn't go away. The communists don't go away. The progressives stayed and now they just embraced it.

BECK: When the president says I'm a progressive, you know — they call me a Marxist. He's not a Marxist, is he? Progressives — it's made out of a Marxist stew. But do I have it right, David, when I say the difference between evolution — what you were going for in the '60s was revolution. Progressives, evolution?

HOROWITZ: In a nutshell.

Conservatives guide everything they do by looking at the past, the experience. This is what human beings are. This is the way they behave. This is the limit. This is what you can hope for with these people.

Progressives govern everything from the future. They have this imaginary future, which is the ideal world of social justice and they judge everything by that future.

BECK: This is why when they come to us and say our budgets are going to be — it's only going to cost this amount is because they're not basing it on — because everybody always says, "Wait a minute. You've never been right in the history of America. You're always wrong." There is always something that comes up that changes this, and they don't see it.

HOROWITZ: They go. They are there to change the world. Conservatives go to Washington to fix government. Liberals, progressives, leftists go to Washington to change the world. So they want power. And the power they think can reshape the way people think and the way people are.

BECK: Is this the biggest hotbed of progressives thinking here in California?

HOROWITZ: California is a very progressive state. However, last May, it rejected five initial initiatives to raise taxes.

BECK: All right. David, appreciate it. Thank you, sir.

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