Battle for Hearts and Minds

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A real battle for the hearts and minds of Muslims is in full swing.

The huge freedom rallies in Beirut (search), the elections in Iraq, and now Muslim proclamations against Usama bin Laden (search) show that Islamic fascists are losing the battle. The first thing we noticed about Islamic fascists is that, like bullies everywhere, they are cowards. Only cowards threaten children and other defenseless civilians. Choosing suicide and murder because of a delusional belief that God rewards murder with 72 virgins is pure selfishness, not bravery.

The question for Muslims: Do you honor God by protecting his greatest gift? Or do you insult God by taking innocent life? The Muslim clerics in Spain (search) who issued their Fatwa last week against terrorism made it clear: “Inasmuch as Usama bin Laden and his organization defend terrorism as legal and try to base it on the Quran…they are apostates who should not be considered Muslims or treated as such.”

Even dead-enders understand that apostates don’t get the virgins when they die. They go to hell. That’s a lousy payoff for murder. It’s simple…do Muslims choose life, or do they choose death. Muslims all over the world are now demonstrating for life.

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