Barry Bonds Shouldn't Be Allowed to Break Babe Ruth's Total

Barry Bonds is heading to the plate Tuesday night to try to hit the homerun that would tie Babe Ruth's total. And if he is fortunate to hit two — which would break Ruth's total — it will make Bonds the No. 2 all-time homerun hitter.

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig should be waiting for him at home plate to send him back to the dugout, back to the clubhouse, back home and not let him near a major league ballpark until the issue is settled once and for all whether Bonds arrived at this historic moment on the strength of arms and legs juiced up with illegal steroids.

I think it is obvious he did. I can't think of any serious person who doubts it. The book "Game of Shadows" by two San Francisco Chronicle reporters is evidence enough for me. The reporters demonstrate with clarity and authority that Bonds got to where he is on illegal drugs.

He should not be allowed to break a hallowed baseball record by cheating. The commissioner should stop him. But the commissioner won't.

Why not? Because you guys out there like to see Bonds put baseballs in the Bay too much. It's just too much fun to watch. Nobody's going to make him stop. They're going to let him break Ruth's total and then they're going to let him break Hank Aaron's record.

Once again, because you like to see it. Baseball is gambling that you don't care that much if he cheated to get there.

I was a huge San Francisco Giants fan. That's why it burns me.

My son is, likewise, a huge Giants fan. But he's hugely invested in Barry.

Maybe it's a generational thing.

With a partner I once wrote a novel — unpublished for good reason — about a mutant game of baseball where all cheating was allowed because the rules against cheating were just fiction anyway. But those were pre-steroid days. The cheating was slippery stuff on the pitchers' hands.

But this is real cheating. And Major League Baseball thinks it is fine.

OK, that's the way baseball is now. You sing the national anthem and the umpire yells "Play Ball!" and do whatever the heck you want, I don't care.

Bud Selig should do something now so he doesn't have to explain what he's going to do with the record books when it is proven Bonds was a steroid junkie and now he's broken all the records he ever dreamed of breaking.

You can't make an asterisk that big.

That's My Word.

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