Holidays aside, "Points" is worried about a few things in America. If President-elect Obama and Congress try to tax and spend their way out of the recession, we will all suffer much more than we are suffering today. And if the far left intimidates Obama, the USA will change dramatically for the worse.

You've already seen the intense, sometimes violent, reaction to gay marriage being voted down in California, and to Rick Warren's participation in the inauguration, and that's just the beginning.

The true indicator of what's to come is The New York Times, which walks point for the radical left.

The day after Christmas, The Times called for the following: an end to the border fence with Mexico, amnesty for illegal aliens, union rights for illegal aliens, a repeal of the law that allows health care workers to opt out of the abortion industry, and a scaling back of workfare laws.

All of this happened on one day, December 26. It was mind-boggling, and it is dangerous.

The Times and other far-left sympathizers like NBC News feel emboldened and are already putting pressure on Barack Obama to take the country dramatically left. Sample this paragraph from The Times:

"If Mr. Obama's team is confirmed, the country will have a homeland security [group] who understand the border region and share a well-informed disdain for foolish, inadequate enforcement schemes like the Bush administration's border fence. And it will have a labor secretary, Hilda Solis of California, who … has built a reputation as a staunch defender of immigrants and workers."

Now, that is certainly true. Very few Americans know Ms. Solis, but she favors blanket amnesty and few restrictions on illegal immigration.

A few months ago, she partnered with the radical left Media Matters organization to oppose my investigation into the Virginia Beach sanctuary city situation that allowed a criminal illegal alien to kill two teenage girls. Even though Virginia Beach stopped its sanctuary policies after our reporting, Ms. Solis harshly criticized me.

So despite the fact that Barack Obama voted for the fence, it looks like the open border amnesty policy The New York Times champions might have a good chance at becoming law on his watch. Certainly, the crackdown on the illegal immigration chaos will stop in about three weeks.

As "Talking Points" has stated, the far left goal is to create a new America where workers, many of them foreign-born, control the voting process. Therefore, a massive amount of immigration helps that vision.

Remember: Barack Obama won the election largely because Hispanic-Americans broke big for him.

The New York Times well understands it will never persuade traditional Americans, so the radical left must bring in new voters and viciously attack American tradition as being bigoted and cruel.

Finally, on Christmas Day, The Times said this on its editorial page: "Christmas needs no saving. It does not exist apart from what we make of it."

There you go. The secular-progressive creed. It's only about us, nothing else. No higher power, no greater good.

God help Barack Obama.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

We have yet another one of these situations where you have to make the call. There may be pinheads in this next clip; there may be patriots. That's the challenge.

The setup is Jennifer Aniston promoting her new movie "Marley & Me," which is a big success. She talked about it and her recent racy magazine cover with CBS guy Harry Smith.

Click here to watch "Pinheads & Patriots."


HARRY SMITH, CO-HOST, "THE EARLY SHOW": You take a pretty good picture.


SMITH: Yes. And how old are you?


SMITH: How old are you now?


SMITH: I know it's not a polite question.

ANISTON: Is it polite? I don't know. I'm 39 years old.

SMITH: Yes. You wear it well.

ANISTON: Thank you.

SMITH: And I also have a present for you. All right. You can try it with a bowtie.

ANISTON: Oh, wait a minute. I don't know about that, people. I may have to get into some yoga positions for that.

SMITH: You look great.

ANISTON: Thank you. You are so cute.

SMITH: Bears mentioning. Jennifer Aniston, thank you so much.

ANISTON: Thank you.

SMITH: I'm blushing.


After the interview, they hosed Harry down. Pinhead? Patriot? You make the call.

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