Bar Owner Rips Customer's Testicle After He Refuses to Pay for His Food

Since when does refusing to pay for food because you don't have time to eat it result in the near-loss of a testicle? Apparantly that's the punishment Thor Gunderson believes fits the crime. At least that's what this quirk believes to be a crime.

Gunderson, the owner of a popular Brooklyn Park sports bar, Blondie's, is set to appear in court this week on charges he assaulted a customer, leaving one of his testicles torn loose, according to local WCCO-TV News.

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The customer was stopping in between jobs for a quick bite to eat. The food was taking too long to prepare so he tried to cancel his order. When denied this request, he refused to pay, subsequently setting off Gunderson's berserk gene.

He even tried to stop the customer from calling 911 for help. Blondie's has already had 242 police calls, giving it the higest number from a liquor establishment this year alone. Officers have revealed Gunderson's mistreatment of black customers in the past, citing customers who said they felt they'd been victimized and discriminated against.