Bad News Sells, Good News Doesn't

I caught a news item this morning on Circuit City's (search) disappointing Christmas sales and the newsreader said something about it being a sign that tech items didn't sell.

Which was news to me, since tech items most certainly "did" sell and that scores of other retailers had no trouble unloading plasma TVs, DVD players, Apple iPods, you name it.

All in all, it was a good retail season. So, why the bad news? Because bad news sells and good news doesn't.

Me? I'm a good news guy.

Some of you call me a Pollyanna for that — that I way over-emphasize the positive. You're right — I do. Because I think there's a lot more good going on than bad.

I see the devastation of this tsunami horror. But from it, I also see the good.

That's why I focus on the relief going on and the billions of dollars being raised by rich and poor alike to see that it "keeps" going on.

I hear a lot about companies that are bad and not a lot about the hundreds of millions they're raising to do some good for those victims.

Just like I hear the media talking about the 5.4 percent of Americans out of work, but not much about the 94.6 percent of Americans who are not.

Just like I hear all priests are pedophiles, when I know the overwhelming vast majority are not.

Some think it's good to focus on the bad. I just think it's bad if you never look at the good.

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