Bad Art, But No Hate at Tea Party Rallies

I want to talk about the Huffington Post, which huffed and puffed over the big Tea Party thingy taking place on Tax Day.

According to the Huffies, the signs seen at these large events are "jaw-dropping," "shocking" and "hateful." And so they ran a piece entitled, "The Most Outrageous Depictions From Tax Day Protests Across the Country," featuring these so-called evil signs.

I went through them and you could sense the unbearable sadness of the HuffPo staffer. There was nothing there: no hate, no violent sentiment, no effigies. No one wishing death on anyone, unlike HuffPoster Bill Maher, who makes it an annual thing.

Sure there was some pretty terrible art, but what do you expect from people who actually majored in something real in college? By the by, new research shows that tea party supporters are actually better educated than the general public.

My guess is, that education never really involved painting cool signs. Instead, their education helped them buy the paint store.

So yes, it's true: Tea Partiers aren't much for edgy protests, the kind the HuffPo sheep might slobber over. But it's so funny to see their panties in a palsy over protests. For them "speaking truth to power" suddenly becomes "hateful," when it's the power they so deeply love.

Even funnier: CNN, where Eliott McLaughlin felt compelled to ruminate over the tenor of the peaceful protests, actually saying they "pressed the boundaries of free speech."

You ever see that same CNN piece on the ugly anti-war rallies or the actually violent WTO protests? You know the answer and it rhymes with no (because it is no).

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