Back to Space

Sometimes, it takes a good thing to make you forget about bad things.

Take the launch of the space shuttle Discovery (search).

It was stunning, stellar, safe and so far is putting to rest our fears of space travel and our space failures. It was a bit of good news that had us thinking less of insurgents in Iraq (search) and maybe more about our resurgence in space.

I think it takes a launch like this to re-launch our brains too, into territory some in the media rarely visit: good news.

Now, I'm not here to say, "Don't report the bad stuff." But do remember the good stuff.

Wouldn't it be neat to report one day, not just the five percent of Americans who are unemployed, but maybe lead with the 95 percent who are not?

Or in our rush to talk about bubbles in houses, maybe take some time to report the record number of Americans who own houses?

I guess that makes me a Pollyanna: A sucker for a parade to celebrate winning a war and a healthy round of applause for a rocket to leave a launch pad.

I say, guilty as charged, knowing full well that I have plenty of accomplices. They're called Americans.

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