Dear Viewers,

Tomorrow, Tuesday, [November 11]  we take the show back to Modesto.  The Scott Peterson preliminary hearing (search) is obviously ongoing and thus the reason we return to Modesto.  My guess is that the preliminary hearing will end mid week next week (I am hoping for an earlier end but doubt it will end any earlier.) 
Wednesday, the prosecution fights back about the hair.  As you may recall, early on in the preliminary hearing, the prosecution put on an expert to say that the hair found in the pliers could have come - not certainly it did--from Laci.  The defense then put on an expert to say that the process the prosecution witness used was, in essence, "junk science."  (That is actually my short hand reference to what the defense claimed.  The defense did not use that term.)  The defense claims that the process used by the prosecution was faulty. On Wednesday the prosecution will fight back about this hair and put on still another expert on to defend their analysis.
There is such a big battle over this one strand of hair that you can tell how important it is to both sides.  I confess that I am a bit surprised how little physical evidence the prosecution has presented so far (but maybe more is to come.)  The hair seems to be the key piece of physical evidence (found in the pliers in Scott's boat and the prosecution claims Laci did not know about the boat.)  The lead detective has been on the stand for more than one day and usually - but not always - the lead detective outlines all the evidence the prosecution has.  The detective did not testify to where the prosecution believes Laci was killed or how.  It is not legally required that the prosecution do so, but that is what usually happens in a preliminary hearing.  He did testify to photographing the pliers (with the hair.)
On another note: have you seen the new Vanity Fair, December 2003 issue? You should go get it.  It has a picture of the Fox prime time anchors plus Roger Ailes, who is our CEO. The picture is in a Vanity Fair created scene.  I don't want to give too much away but I will tell you one thing, Shep Smith sat and ate all the props during the photo shoot.  I am surprised that he did not get sick.


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