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I spent several hours this weekend answering viewer e-mail. If I didn't answer yours, I am sorry. The volume coming in is huge and I do read them all but just don't get to answer all of them.

One topic raised in several e-mails is worth discussing here: No, FOX did not get pushed out of Aruba (search) by the Aruban government. We left quickly when the London (search) bombing occurred because we were uncertain if there would be more trouble elsewhere — including the U.S. — to cover. We needed to be ready with all resources — technical and manpower. As it turned out, the terrorism — this time — was confined to one city and we had sufficient staff on the ground in the U.K. to cover it.

We did not rush our resources back to Aruba because Hurricane Dennis (search) had given us a new challenge (to put it lightly.) Many of our resources had to be devoted to cover the hurricane. Our colleague Alica Acuna and a few others remained behind in Aruba with the videophone to cover Natalee's disappearance and I make daily calls to the island to make sure our show stays on top of the story. I don't like to start a story, get deeply involved and then move on without finishing it. Because of the location of this story, we face many problems covering it.

To give you some idea of how we continue to cover Natalee's disappearance without the enormous resources we did have on Aruba, Alicia Acuna and I spoke twice on Sunday (and one call was about 30 minutes.) We continue to give you the very best coverage but limited resources hamper us a bit. Bottom line: We still get the information to you even though the "picture" on the videophone is not as perfect as the satellite transmission.

As we roll into the work week, I am uncertain of my own schedule and travel. Typically I host out of Washington, D.C., but since the Michael Jackson (search) trial began its final weeks, I have been on the road (I was home one night from Jackson and headed to Aruba the following day.) I have no idea where I will be hosting the show this week: It could be D.C., I could get sent back to Aruba, I could get sent some place else... your guess is as good as mine.

Random e-mails from our show account:

E-mail No. 1 — Note that the header on this e-mail said it was for Geraldo, but the writer sent it to me:

First, I see you have the lying Fuhrman on your show (Greta's sweetie). I see where Jeb Bush didn't believe his latest fiction book. Naturally. I also hear the crazy mom in Aruba is upset because of the hurricane, the bombings in England and the rescue of the girl in Idaho. All this is taking away from her and I saw a report that said she (mom) doesn't like these interruptions.... that the publicity "was getting away from her." That's why she held the hastily called news conference to issue a 'little' apology to get back in the news.
I hope Aruba doesn't have trial by jury, as you won't find 12 — or whatever — people that haven't been poisoned by her crazy antics and of course her husband, "Jug." LOL. You know, that father in Idaho showed restraint and common sense. He never criticized anyone. He kept his head and acted properly. He had two sons killed and his daughter kidnapped and raped. It had to be hard as hell on him. But he went silently about his way. He is to be admired.... greatly admired. Now you have this… mom in Aruba, criticizing all. She is a disgrace to the U.S. of A. She should follow the traits of the father in Idaho. But no, she wants to act like a redneck, backwoods, hick. I'm from the South, but the truth is the truth.
Lewis Saintsing
Captain of Dets./Vice (Retired)

ANSWER: Let me put this bluntly: I admire Beth Holloway Twitty, her family and all those who have volunteered to find Natalee.

E-mail No. 2

On another site, someone wondered why Natalee's purse and money were in her room if she had been out for the evening. Is it possible that she did get back to her room and went out again that night? Do her friends know if earlier in that evening she had her purse with her? That could be a very important clue, it seems strange that she would be out without her purse.
Constance Mace

ANSWER: I saw the purse and money in her room at the Holiday Inn. Beth, Natalee's Mother, and I assumed (of course do not know for certain), that she left those items behind and did not take them when she went out that night. In other words, she never made it back to her room. Missing from the wallet was her driver's license — we assumed she used that to show her age at the club and that is why it is missing. It is doubtful that she returned to her hotel room since she had three roommates who did not hear her and her side of the bed looked like it had not been slept in.

E-mail No. 3

I have been wondering from day 1 of the missing teen story the following question: How much liquor and/or drugs did Ms. Holloway consume the last night she was seen by her friends? Someone must know, either a friend or the bartender.
I think this is a very important aspect of the investigation, which I hope has been explored. I am in no way making an assertion that Natalee was drunk, but if she was it would seem more possible for her to have accidentally drowned if she was indeed left on the beach by her own free will. I certainly hope that she is found alive and well, and I hope that Greta will stay on the story.
Greta, you are doing a great job in covering this.
Nancy Frisch

ANSWER: It is hard to know for certain how much she drank but the description of her walking to Deepak's car does not suggest to me that she was intoxicated — but anything is possible (including that the description is wrong or that she handles her liquor well.) It is also possible that she was drugged in the bar and the effect hit her after she left the bar... I have heard rumors — and I emphasize that they are RUMORS — that people slip drugs in drinks in some bars. I caution you that I have no proof of that and it could be 100 percent false. We have heard many unflattering things in Aruba that have turned out to be false.

E-mail No. 4

What happened to George? Was he ever able to get on the plane leaving Aruba? You seem to have left him there at the airport.
Pat W.
Lucasville, OH

ANSWER: In Friday's blog, I wrote about our quick travels from Aruba to Washington, D.C. At one point in the blog I mentioned how my producer got off the plane in Miami to find out about the delay, and whether there was another flight... and then was barred from re-boarding. I neglected to say whether he was ever permitted back on the plane... and if he ever got back to D.C. I received many e-mails: "Where is George?" So, here is the rest of the story: They DID let George back on (I think when they found a co-pilot and let the co-pilot on board is when he was allowed back on.) George thus flew home with us.

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta!
I was just curious when you mentioned that the monkey makes crying noises. I got chills to think that Natalee's remains may be buried there. Someone should check it out.
You are a great woman and I admire you very much!
Diane V.
Salinas, CA

ANSWER: I have received several emails about the monkey's cage in the neighbor's yard. I saw no sign that it had been moved, or that there was any area near it that looked like there had been digging of any sort. I am not suspicious of the monkey cage area.

E-mail No. 6

On the Record,
I hope I'm sending an e-mail correctly. I'm very low tech. Just a thought or two. I'm sure someone already thought of this, but you never know: Have they cross-checked and tracked the signal from the cell phone towers? You can say you're home and be somewhere else. If Joran was not home, then location and time frame will be different.
Also, is there video recorded from Carlos and Charlie's of Natalee and her group? If so, someone may want to check to see if anyone was watching or stalking Natalee.
Darcee Meldrum

ANSWER: Darcee, since day 1, I have wondered about the phone records (as well as e-mail, instant messages, etc.) For reasons unknown, the authorities claim not to have the info yet... we are told that it was sent to Netherlands for analysis. I don't understand this. In the USA, we can get a faster analysis on this… it does not take seven weeks! By the way, I did hear, but can't confirm, that this data is now back from Netherlands and the prosecutor has it... she may be using it on Tuesday in the hearing in which she seeks to re-incarcerate the Kalpoe brothers. At this point, however, I want to emphasize that I am "hearing" this but can NOT confirm.

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