Back in the Red

The deficits are back! The deficits are back! And now everyone seems to be blaming one thing: those darn tax cuts. Never mind the fact most of those cuts haven't even taken place yet, why kill a good story?

But I want you to remember something important here. Tax cuts aren't the problem -- spending is.

When you spend more than you have, you go into the red. When we do it, we're living on credit cards. When the government does it, it's living on us.

Giving us back more of our money isn't the issue. Keeping so much of it in the first place is.

Consider this. Government spending is running nearly four times the inflation rate. Four times! You can't keep doing that. It'd be like you and me spending 12 percent more every year, even though our salaries were going up only three percent.

Now, some on Capitol Hill are saying, keep more money here. That's like giving a junkie another fix. The only problem is this junkie is spending our money and putting us in a fix.

It's perverted. What's more, it's sick.

The average American forks over a third to darn close to half his or her income to the government and now must feel guilty because they're getting a percent or two back?

Give me a break. No, Washington, for once, give us a break. I'd love to feel sorry for your financial predicament. But pardon me if I'm just a little more concerned about the average American's.

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