Back in the Golden State

Dear Viewers,

I am headed to California again - this time a quick turnaround. Flight out on Sunday and flight back on Monday. Due to the time change, I won't make it back for the show but my Fox News colleague Tony Snow— who incidentally also is in a rock band—will guest host for us.  The trip to San Diego is to moderate a non-televised debate between former Senator Bob Dole (search) (and, of course, husband of Senator Elizabeth Dole) and former Vice President Al Gore (search).

I am going to try and "hook" both into doing interviews for On the Record.  Wish me luck...if you have read the first chapter in my book My Turn at the Bully Pulpit, you will know why both men are great "gets."

I will also try and get some photos of both men for this Web site. Again, wish me luck. My photo taking ability leaves much to be desired but I am showing some improvement. I think the instruction booklet for my new camera is written for someone with a Ph.D. in physics from M.I.T...of course, even if I could understand it, I can't read it. The print is so tiny and, well, my arms just aren't long enough anymore.

One other thing, each photo I take is a "test" to see if the flash is turned on or not. The icon indicating the flash on/off on the LCD screen is likewise too small for my eyes. Yes, I know...use reading glasses.  I am at the stage where I "borrow'"my husband's reading glasses but he can't always be with me. I am not at that stage where I admit I need my own pair. Maybe some of you understand ....


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